Children's shoes from Ocra

Tradition, craftsmanship and respect for nature are the key values of the Italian children's shoe brand Ocra. This brand sees itself as a 'laboratory' where skilled shoemakers work with naturally tanned and colored leather and recycled and biodegradable rubber to make environmentally friendly and healthy children's shoes. This brand brings the shoe tradition 'back to nature', but in an innovative and modern way. The original designs according to the latest fashion trends and the 'new' way of thinking ensure that the popularity of this brand increases rapidly.

Ocra collection at Junior Steps

The Ocra collection is available at Junior Steps. Ocra is a children's shoe brand that specializes in making children's shoes taking the environment into account. The collection consists mainly of sandals and shoes. Discover the complete collection in our new store in Zonhoven or in our renewed webshop.

Ocra collection online

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