Bergstein, rubber boots for children

Bergstein is the well-known brand for hip, colored rubber rain boots for children. Bergstein rain boots are extremely popular among girls and boys. The trendy boots are made of supple natural rubber making them wonderfully comfortable. This makes Bergstein rain boots almost indispensable in our fickle Belgian climate. For you as a parent it's nice to know that all this water fun has been responsibly created. Bergstein manufactures rubber boots according to traditional methods and has an eye for the suppleness, comfort and waterproof aspects of the boot. You can let your child play with peace of mind in these solid rain boots.
Junior Steps takes care of their active outdoor life!

Bergstein available at Junior Steps

The Bergstein collection is available at Junior Steps. It is a well-known brand for trendy rubber rain boots for children. They are available in all colors and sizes. They are made of supple natural rubber which makes them comfortable to wear. You can find the complete collection online at our webshop!


Bergstein collection online

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